Unmissable event for any people who are passionate about music .

We invite you to join us at SWG3 on Friday 16th March for Exchange: a chance to hear from musicians and organisations across the music industry as well as take part in workshops and visit some stalls.

You can register here and sign up to attend a workshop with Paragon!

Paragon is holding an inclusive and interactive music workshop called ‘Hold a Beat’ exploring ways to create music from nothing that’ll bring together disabled and non-disabled youths to make lovely music and have a amazing , creative time socialising in a nice setting!!

Two full days of activity

Friday 16th for young musicians making music in schools and as part of bigger organisations.

Saturday 17th for independent music makers

Everyone from bands to singer-songwriters as well as from MC’s to neo-soul artists can come to SWG3 for Exchange.

Connect with organisations that can assist with the next step you want to take.

This is a fantastic opportunity to further your ambitions.