My experience of Paragon started several years ago, when my big brother started attending the inclusive music programmes, such as ‘Play on”. For years, I recognised the positive effects that these music classes had upon my brother, including the music skills and confidence that he gained and the fun he had throughout the experience. I always loved how everyone is made to feel part of the group. Even although I was only Lewis’ sister, I was always included and given an instrument to play along as Ninian would conduct the group, and a lovely piece of music was the result of all our efforts. As well as this, when I was older, I got to attend some of the programmes on my own accord, such as the ‘music for youth exchange’ programme, which gave me some experience in bringing my guitar along and joining in with the groups.

I’m 17 years old and am a sixth year student at Largs Academy. I have always had one main passion; that being music. I’ve always loved music in all its many variations. In fact, it’s probably one of the most important things to me. I love how it unites people, as well as being so expressive and inclusive. My dream job would be to go into Music Journalism, in which I could hopefully pursue a career in writing reviews, studying the industry and interviewing artists. Despite this being my dream, I’ve always been uncertain about how to pursue it.

All through high school, I’ve always felt really uncertain about the route I will take in life, concerning what the future will hold. It was in my fifth year of school that I began to close the gap between school and further education, by applying for a foundation apprenticeship course in ‘Creative and Digital Media’. Year one of the course explores all sorts of creative industries, including radio, film, animation and design. Year two is work placement based. I was blessed to be able to join Paragon for my placement for this year.

In my placement, my key ambition is to learn as much as I can about Paragon, and get to learn about all the amazing things that they do here. The outcomes of my course that id love to cover include helping with the newsletter, photo-taking or photo editing, marketing and helping out with the social media. I know that Paragon will be really interesting to attend this year because positive-thinking and inspiring/creative individuals will surround me. It’s when I’m amongst the aforementioned type of person that I achieve the most, and I feel inspired to do well.

In conclusion, I couldn’t imagine a better place to do my work placement because Paragon is such a fulfilling place to be and I think that it’ll be full of opportunities.