Hey there guys, I’m Ryan Hughes and I’m the Communication Support Worker here at Paragon Music.

I started with Paragon in 2011 as a musician with the M3 gang but then I found myself slowly becoming more involved in helping to put the performances together so I mostly do that now

That’s been a few years now and I am now part of the amazing team Paragon has, working behind the scenes as well as doing the odd performance.  When  I am not with Paragon you will probably find I am running my own entertainment brand “Wheelie Good Entertainment” – Check us out the link should be below!


My first profession is as a entertainer but I work with Paragon as Communication Support Worker which means I specialise in working with young people who are non verbal.  I am trained in BSL  and other methods of communication such as the use of AAC devices and Symbol Communication for the Autistic.

I wish you all the best and I hope to see you soon!