My M3 experiences

Chapter one- as a dancer 

I have always struggled to make friends at school like a normal person but at M3 everyone fits in therefore it’s very easy to make friends. Most people just see my chair but the people at dance treat me like a human being.

As I had two weeks this year I had the opportunity to develop a piece and a friendship with Jade, one of the professional dancers. I also experimented with dancing with other participants.  It was not just a learning curve for me but also a learning curve for Gabriel and Teigan- the two participants who I worked with.

In the last few months I have started to take dance seriously. I have never really known what I would like to do when I leave school but now I’m thinking about becoming a professional dancer or choreographer . I am now developing my fitness skills so that I can be the best dancer I can be.

Chapter two- social media 

I was supposed to get a job after the summer as the social media person for another company but that fell through so paragon let me take over their social media for twelve days.

I had never used instagram before so had to do plenty of research. This was interesting because I learned what people find interesting as posts which had an aspect of psychology to it and as I am interested in psychology I quite enjoyed this part of the job

As an artist I learned to improve my photography skills. I have always been better at drawing and designing than taking photos so as well as developing my social media skills I actually grew as an artist.

I didn’t get as much likes as paragons usual social media person but I did get them more followers on Instagram. I still have a lot of things to learn about instagram and I am doing this by creating my own personal Instagram account

By Eilidh McGrath