My name is Ruairidh Whitmarsh.

I am a 21 year old college student at Clydebank Campus, West College Scotland in Clydebank, who has just started on a work experience with Paragon for eight weeks.

I started in the organisation by going to the Paragon Play On sessions from 2013 till 2016/early 2017 as someone learning to play classical guitar, drum kit, African djembe as well as playing in groups.

In early 2017 I Started to help (informally), the new Stomp and Shuffle groups set up for the youngest age group and children that were a little older.

I also started helping with Beat It (music programme for adults), for a couple of months before the start date of the work experience, 6th February 2018.

I have always had a passion for music and rythm is my forte, (Something I really feel)!  Paragon has really helped my creativity and let me make what ever I like by myself or in groups.

Paragon is truly a fantastic, great organisation that means a lot to everyone who has ever been to a music or dance workshop or a performance of music by one or more of the Paragon groups. I certainly would recommend coming to one of the Stomp, Shuffle or Beat It Sessions.  One of the M3 dance classes might also be benifical to your children/ adolescent youths. Above all these are good times to socialise and have fun. I certainly do when ever I am taking part in one of the workshops. I can say as one of the founding Paragon students, what has never changed is the absolute feeling of getting lost in making music and forgetting any problems that I’ve been having outside of the sessions. To let everything just ebb away and the sound and feel of the music to be all  I was concentrating on while I was there, which is soooo good!   Afterwards I felt much better about everything else. Thank you, Paragon! you are the best bunch of musicans and people I have ever known, apart from my family and the many friends I have made at school, college and other groups I have been part of , over the years .

Your work is very important to me and I still love coming to assist!  You have given me so, so, so much and like performing on stage especially when it is my own music that I  have written! Paragon is suitable for all ages and abilities and that is what is so great about IT!

To  finish, Paragon is, I belive a wonderful place for those who may find it hard to express themselves  and communicate to have a space to do so.  I always say:” Music is the key into letting yourself relax into just becoming free of too many worries.  It is definitely also about enjoying yourself no matter how long you are engaged in writing or playing the music you’ve made.

In short; Paragon is a misunderstood but badly needed tool in understanding potential and recognising talent in every individual who crosses the threshold of the Paragon office for the composition evenings called Horizons  or somebody who takes part in a workshop where ever they may happen.

The End!!